About the Communication Breakthrough for Couples Seminars and Workshops:

These seminars and workshops are designed to help couples gain a better understanding of the dynamics that are at play when husband and wife interact.

You will go away with simple strategies that will make a huge difference to the way you communicate from now on.


Who is it for? It is for you if you say "yes" to one or more of these:

- you value marriage, whether you are single, couple or married

- you want to improve your communication skills 

- you wish your partner or spouse would understand you better

- you are frustrated because no matter how much you try to communicate you seem to be going round in circles

- you do not even want to communicate with your spouse any more- what’s the use?

- you want to understand how inappropriate communication may contribute to the breakup of a relationship and how to avoid it

- you are looking for a new approach

- you enjoy marriage topics



You will discover:

- How you can get your partner to listen to you

- The 3 strategies to maintaining loving connection

- How to avoid hurt feelings

- The real root of misunderstandings many couples are unaware of or are ignoring

- How to have a better relationship TODAY!

- And much more!


The seminar is an hour and a half presentation and the workshop is a four hour (20 minutes break included) hands-on, more in-depth application of the strategies.




What people are saying about the Seminar:

Nerang Library: "Your presentation was very well received and the feedback was all positive and your attendees stated that they would be using the information they gained from your presentation."

Catherine: "Insightful, easy to digest and apply, useful for any marriage"

Grant: "Very useful information everyone should learn"


What people are saying about the workshop:

All who have been to one of these workshops say that they would recommend it to their friends or others. Here are just some of their comments:

Mary: "I would recommend this workshop to my friends as the content was useful and engaging. I have practical tips now to put into action which I will be able to use not only with my partner but with my children as well."

Wayne: "This should be made compulsory for couples wanting to get married. At last I can see light at the end of a very difficult tunnel."

Greg: "This will be very useful for me in my relationships.”

Melissa: "Very informative."

To inquire about hosting a seminar please contact Judith at